About Scribble Squad

Scribble Squad offers children a variety of spaces in which to use their built-in drawing skills and release the power of their creativity! Delivered in the form of: after school clubs, holiday workshops, one to one sessions and birthday parties.  Decide which space works best for you and your child and enjoy seeing where their imagination can take them.

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How does drawing benefit children?

Makes them more expressive.  

Boosts confidence. 

Develops and enhances motor skills.

Improves hand-eye co-ordination.


After School Clubs

An hour after school for children to immerse themselves in their creative ideas. With ideas on hand to help spark their imagination and encourage self-expression through drawing.

For junior school children

Cost: £4 per week for a 6 week run

Holiday Workshops

A high-spirited, fun-packed day of creative play spread over seven hours. Using games and warm ups to get their creative juices flowing. Your child will then experience the excitement of seeing their ideas come to life.  Workshops include:

I am an Artist

Let's Make Comics

How to build an Alien

Fantastic Beasts and I Made Them!


From age 6 and upwards.

Cost: £30


Birthday Parties

An hour of guided drawing nestled into your child's birthday party. All sessions are age appropriate and take into account the interests of the child. 

From age 6 and upwards.

Cost: £15 per head plus travel expenses.

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